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Sunday, 13 November 2016 20:15

2015 Annual Meeting

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This year's annual member meeting was held at the Chaires Community Center at 6:30 on September 10. During the meeting, the 2014-15 Chaires-Capitola Board of Directors presented the state of the league. YOU CAN ACCESS A PDF OF THE BELOW MENTIONED REPORTS BY CLICK HERE. The following is were some of the issues discussed:

  • Registration - Registration numbers were presented for the 2015 Spring and Fall seasons. There was a comparison done with previous years using Spring 2014 registration numbers and data from past years that was available through the Little League Data Center
  • Finances - A complete 2014-15 budget year P&L statement was presented to the members. This included revenue from registration, sponsorships and the concession stand. It broke down expenses by categories an included a complete list of all checks that were written. It was stressed that unlike in previous years, all expenses were paid out using checks and no debit cards exist for the account. This is per league by-laws and constitution. The report also included highlights of where the finances of the league stood in October 2014 and the challenges this board has faced.
  • IRS Issues - One of the ongoing challenges facing the board includes resolving tax issues that previous boards created and then failed to address. Seven years of negligence has caused the league to incur around $14,000 in fees and penalties. This board has been working with the State of Florida, the IRS and Little League International to put CCLL back in good standing. We have requested relief from the fees and penalties but have a current budget surplus to cover them in case the IRS does not accept our request. We are also attempting to gather enough historical information to be able to file all past IRS documents and ensure the league is in good standing.
  • Election - The members were given the opportunity to present nominations for the 2015-16 board of directors. Ballots were distributed and a secret vote was held. Votes were counted and the following members were elected to serve on the 2015-16 board:
    • Mike Conway
    • Kevin Corradi
    • Erin Cuzzort
    • Katherine Fleming
    • Mike Glantz
    • Daniel Jeffers
    • Jenna Harper
    • Chris Mantzanas
    • Chad Pursell
    • Danny O'Donnell
    • Craig Smith
    • Keith Wemm
    There will be a follow up board meeting on September 30 at 7:00 where these board members will nominate and elect themselves for the individual seats on the board.
Sunday, 13 November 2016 20:14

8-31-2015 Board Agenda

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Chaires-Capitola Little League, Inc.
Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date:8-31-2015
Meeting Time:7:00 PM at Chaires Community Center
  1. Determine if there is a quorum present (Erin C.)
  2. Call meeting to order (Erin C.)
  3. Approval of minutes from 8-1-2015 meeting (Erin C.)
  4. Officer Reports (Erin C.)
    • President (Erin C.)
    • Vice President (Craig S.)
    • Treasurer (Mike C.)
    • Secretary (Keith W.)
    • Fall Ball
      • coaches
      • evaluations
      • draft
      • timeline (announcing teams, start of practice, uniforms ordered, game schedule due)
    • General Meeting
      • who are returning board members
      • voting process
      • reports
    • New Business
    • Schedule Next Meeting (Erin C.)
    • Adjourn Meeting (Erin C.)
Wednesday, 03 August 2016 19:02

8-3-2016 Meeting Agenda

Chaires-Capitola Little League, Inc. 
Meeting Agenda

Meeting Date: 8-3-2016 
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM at Chaires Community Center 

  1. Determine if there is a quorum present (Erin C.)
  2. Call meeting to order (Erin C.)
  3. Officer Reports (Erin C.)
    • President (Erin C.)
    • Vice President (Craig S.)
    • Treasurer (Mike C.)
    • Secretary (Keith W.)
  4. Batting cage
  5. Fall Ball
  6. Annual Meeting
  7. Schedule Next Meeting (Erin C.)
  8. Adjourn Meeting (Erin C.)
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