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November 18, 2021 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: November 18, 2021

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: Zoom meeting:


I.                 Call to Order


II.                Roll Call – Determine if quorum present: Rob Vos, Kathy Hedrick, Therese Kemper, Ben Faulk, Russell Bruce, Mike Glantz; quorum present


III.              Approve minutes from previous meeting: October minutes approved


IV.              President’s Report

a.      CPA/Taxes Update

                                                   i.     Another CPA has been identified to help with taxes.

b.      Updates

                                                   i.     Batting Cages

1.      Dirt was added to batters’ boxes in the cages by the county

2.      A board member is working with Amanda Heidecker to have forms signed for permit; then we can go ahead with plans for pole barn over cages

                                                 ii.     Fields

1.      Fields will be regraded and new clay added

a.      need to check that pitchers’ mounds are correct height and properly sloped

2.      Former board member willing to help with improvements to Dreams Field if clay and dirt are provided

3.      Consider Chaires work day to have families help with field improvements

                                                iii.     Shed

1.      Requested a new shed for the field, discussed with Amanda Highdecker; board is considering requesting individual sheds for each field, under the press boxes, to store chalk and other materials.  

2.      If there is unused closet space behind the concession stand, considerations will be made to asking the county to use it

                                                iv.     Concrete Coating

                                                 v.     New Fencing

1.      County will replace the wood fencing facing parking lots

                                                vi.     Additional Grill for Spring

1.      Recommendation to purchase a smaller grill than the one we have

2.      New large grill was moved into the concession stand for off season to protect it from the elements

                                               vii.     Updated LL Constitution

1.      Changes made to Constitution to include a Coaching Coordinator to league board roles

                                             viii.     Charitable Organization License Renewal

1.      Completed through Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

c.      Softball

                                                   i.     Approached by Tallahassee Fast Pitch Softball League

1.      They are interested in coming under the umbrella of Chaires

2.      Discussion regarding gauging interest of Chaires members and the community

3.      Process of incorporating them under Chaires Little League is uncertain and requires research

4.      Chaires previously had a softball league, however lack of coaches was a problem; it is possible that TFP has coaches

V.               Treasurer Report

a.      Will be sent to Board later

b.      Some large expenditures coming up, including Charter, Little League Insurance, Sports Sign Up Play renewal/migration to a new system


VI.              Safety Report

a.      Some players quarantined due to COVID this Fall

                                                   i.     Some games cancelled due to this

                                                 ii.     Did not appear to be spread within teams based on information provided to the league


VII.            Spring 2021 Schedule

a.      President shared spreadsheet of schedule; Board members will review

b.      Need to plan opening day

c.      Plan was to stay with Elite for uniforms and hats;

d.      The seniors’ field is coming along with hopes it will be ready for a season by spring

e.      Registration opens December 13, 2021 for spring

                                                   i.     Will likely do away with in person payment

                                                 ii.     Online payment or Venmo to avoid difficulties collecting payment


VIII.           Next Meeting (December 15, 2021 @ 7 pm)


IX.              Adjourn

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