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January 20, 2022 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: January 20, 2022

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: Zoom meeting -


I.                 Call to Order 7:02PM


II.                Roll Call – quorum present Therese Kemper, Jen Cremin, Rob Vos, Jimmy Miller, Kathy Hedrick, Ben Faulk, Cali Stringer, Russel Bruce, Scott LaFuria


III.              Approve minutes from previous meeting:  Approved


IV.              President’s Report

a.      D20 Presidents Meeting Update (notes previously sent). Miccosukee is looking to restart their league.  They will only have 1 TBall team this spring.  They are willing to come to Chaires for games.  We are willing to travel to Miccosukee, as well.  Because Miccosukee is restarting their league, there was no further discussion the league boundary changes that were previously brought up.

No update from the County regarding Covid.

The 60/90 field will be ready for play this May.

There is a meeting next month to discuss interleague scheduling.

Usually, LL has patches on the sleeves of the jerseys.  We are requesting from Gary that we do not need to have the patches.  We usually do not have the patches.

Sectionals will be held in Tallahassee this year. 

The dates for District 20 games are June 17 or 18. The July dates have not been set yet, they could be held on July 2,9 or 16.

b.      Batting Cages Update:  Plans have been submitted and should be approved within the next couple of weeks. 

c.      Teams and Managers:  We have more players than last year at this time.  Currently we have 67 Majors (with 4 additional people who want to sign up late).  This will put us up to 71 players.  There will be a few that need to play down.  Currently we have 5 Managers.  Kathy volunteered to be the 6th Manager. 

d.      Late Registrations:  There have been quite a few additional registrations.  We are working to keep the teams and divisions even.  No registrations will be accepted after the draft.

e.      Hats and Jerseys:  In the past we have had 20 teams and 20 different hats. This leaves the league with many random hats leftover and no one wants to buy them.   This year we are trying to streamline the amount of hats we have, we are going to pick one hat per “franchise” team.  In essence, all of  the Yankees teams will have the same hat.  All of the Braves teams will have the same hat.

f.       Evaluations: Reminders are being sent out this week

g.      Draft – Wednesday 1/26; 6:00 Southwood Clubhouse.  Team equipment will be distributed at the draft.

h.      Concession Stand:  We will be buying a smaller grill to be used on slower nights.

i.       Opening Day: February 26th.  We are working on a schedule.  We need to book a small group to sing the National Anthem.  We need someone to throw the first pitch. 

j.       Interleague:  We will be playing games with three 3 other leagues in town.  Schedule is TBD.  There will be discussion at the next presidents meeting.

k.      Sponsors: Rob will coordinate with Jimmy.  Jimmy will provide the spreadsheets to Rob


V.               VP Report

a.      Gear Fundraiser Status; We are sending out emails and posting of FB.  We are collecting used equipment to be sold at a later date for fundraising for CLL.  Collection will be Saturday 2/5 and the sale will be Sunday 2/13.


VI.              Equipment Manager Report

a.      Status of equipment, distribution, etc. All of the equipment had been organized and is ready for distribution.

b.      Wants/Needs for upcoming season We need a few T-ball bags and some new buckets and practice balls.


VII.            Treasurer Report: no new report


VIII.           Next Meeting (February 23, 2022 @ 7 pm)


IX.              Adjourn

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