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4-26-2015 Minutes

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Chaires-Capitola Little League, Inc.

Unaaproved Minutes from April 26, 2015 Meeting

Determine if there is a quorum present (Erin C.)

  • Keith Wemm
  • Craig Smith
  • Adam Cowhey
  • Mike Conway
  • Danny O’Donnel
  • Erin Cuzzort
  • Chad Pursell
Quorum Present

Briefing on County Projects from Leigh Davis, Director of County Parks and Rec

  • Playground outside Dreams outfield
  • 60-90 field in 2017
  • Canopies


  • District Bill - Still waiting to get information about how this money is being used before we pay it.
  • League currently has $18,000 in the bank
  • We expect to have bill from CPA and still have the IRS penalties hanging over our heads.


  • Agreed to move forward with the project. We will reach out to Chuck Urban to see if he can attend our next board meeting to discuss the plan for fundraising for the $7500 that will be the leagues contribution

Majors Yankees Team Meeting

  • Held a meeting with 7 of the team’s parents to discuss concerns.

League Tournaments

  • Tournaments for Machine Pitch and Minors will be held during the last week of May
  • We will use the first week of June as a back up in case rain outs prevent teams from reaching minimum game completions to qualifying for All Stars.
  • League will be providing medals to tournament winners and runner ups. No other trophies will be awarded by the league this season
  • Tournaments will be single elimination

All Stars

  • All parents will have an opportunity to submit their players for All Star consideration
  • Team managers will meet to discuss players
  • Team Managers will rank the players based on their understanding of each players abilities
  • Votes will be tallied and the players with the most votes will be put on the team
  • All Star teams may include up to 14 players and we hope to have two teams in both the machine pitch and the minors divisions.
  • For the last two players on the All-Star teams, the All-Star manager would discuss with the other managers his thoughts on who the two should be and there would be a vote.
  • Discussion on how All Star Manager would be appointed was held but no final decision was made.
  • We will send a notice to parents on May 1 directing them to register for the All Star season.
  • We will review all residency and age information.
  • If their child is selected for All Stars, the parents will be required to pay an All Star fee to the league, which has not yet been set. They will also be required to purchase pants, belt and socks.
  • We are still waiting for response from Gentry about scheduling and who will get tournaments this season.

Next Meeting will Sunday, May 10.

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