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8-31-2015 Minutes

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Chaires-Capitola Little League, Inc.

Unaaproved Minutes from August 31, 2015 Meeting

Determine if there is a quorum present (Erin C.)

  • Mike Conway
  • Mike Glantz
  • Danny O’Donnel
  • Erin Cuzzort
  • Chad Pursell
  • Daniel Jeffers
  • Craig Smith
  • Keith Wemm
Quorum Present

Minutes from 7-15-2015 Meeting Approved


  • Resonable cause letter to go to IRS to try to get relief from the $14,000 tax and fee penalty
  • FMB willing to give records at a rate of $25 per hour.
  • Need to file 990s for 2013-14. Craig and Mike will contact Accountant and submit information to get that taken care of
  • Craig clarified that our charter is still valid as we work to resolve the 501c3 status with IRS

Fall Ball

  • Combine Majors and Minors into one Baseball Division
  • Send email to Majors letting them know that the leagues are going to be combined


  • Follow same process that we used in the Spring


  • Move forward with purchase of uniforms


  • will take place on September 14. MP at 6 and Baseball Division at 7

Equipment Clean Up

  • Sunday September 13 at 4:00


  • Baseball Division
    1. David Gregg
    2. Peter Fisher
    3. Chad Pursell
    4. John Bentley
    5. Mike Glantz
  • Machine Pitch
    1. Joey Matthews
    2. Allan Malone
    3. Russ Clark

Member Meeting

  • email the members asking to see if anyone would like to be placed on the ballot
  • All current members except Adam Cowhey are returning. We are still confirming with Chris Mantzanas

Next Meeting will September 10, 2015 at 6:30.

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