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2018 Spring Registration Officially Open

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The 2018 Spring Baseball and Softball registration is officially open. We know it is a little early to be thinking about baseball with the Christmas Holidays upon us but we hope you will take a moment to register your player before the New Year.

For those of you who were not involved with our Fall Ball season, we had a great time and a great turnout. We had nearly 80 kids play with us this Fall that did not play last Fall. That bodes well for a solid turnout for our Spring season.

Here are a couple updates to keep in mind:

Tentative Spring Schedule - Our tentative Spring schedule is posted to We have included tentative dates for the entire season. Please review them and add them to your family calendar.

Registration Link - Here is a link to the SI registration site: When registering, you can bypass the need for three proofs of residency by using the school verification form. If you player's school is in the Chaires League boundry, this form can be filled out by thier school and becomes a permanent proof of residency and does not have to be filled out again.

Softball - We will be registering girls for softball this Spring. We held a clinic this Fall for girls interested in playing at Chaires this Spring. It was well attended and we intend on holding pitching, hitting and catching clinics in January and February. If you know anyone who is interested in playing girl’s softball at Chaires, please let them know that registration is open. We need everyones help to make this division successful.

Senior Division - We are also forming Chaires Senior Division teams this Spring. If you are interested in playing, games will likely be played at Fred George Park since our big field won’t be ready to play until Spring of 2019. This division is for ages 13-16.

Sponsorship - We would like to thank our first sponsors of the 2018 Season:

NicksCW RobertsPun

If you are interested in sponsoring a team or a banner or know someone who does, please use this link to select your sponsorship level and pay. Team sponsorships will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Please download our sponsorship flyer for additional information.

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Spring 2018 Tentative Schedule

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November 1, Wednesday 7:00pm Board Meeting
December 1 – January 6 Registration
December 6, Wednesday 7:00pm Board Meeting (tentative)
January 6, Saturday Registration closes
January 10, Wednesday 7:00pm Board Meeting (tentative)
January 10, Wednesday Coaches Notified
January 12, Friday Hat Orders Due
January 19, Friday Softball Evaluations
January 20, Saturday Morning Machine Pitch Evaluations
January 20, Saturday Afternoon Minor Baseball Evaluations
January 22, Sunday Major Baseball Evaluations
January 24, Wednesday Draft (tentative)
January 26, Friday Uniforms Orders Due
January 27, Saturday Coaches Training/Safety Training
January 29, Monday Practice Begins
February 7, Wednesday 7:00pm Board Meeting (tentative)
February 24, Saturday 3:00pm Opening Day
March 12-16 Spring Break
April 29 Last Week of Regular Season for Machine Pitch
May 6 Week for End of Season Tournament for Machine Pitch
May 6 Last Week of Regular Season (all divisions except Machine Pitch)
May 13 Week for End of Season Tournaments (all divisions except Machine Pitch)
May 31, Thursday Last Day of School
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2017 Fall Ball Registration is Now Open

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Good Morning. Registration for our 2017 Fall Ball season is now open. You can register your players now through August 31.

If you have never played at Chaires before, once you click the link above, you will see a green login button in the upper right corner of the page. Click that button and then click the create account link. The registration process will follow from there.

We will be fielding baseball teams in our Machine Pitch (ages 6-8), Minors (ages 9-10) and Majors (ages 11-12) divisions.

We will not be registering softball players this Fall. However, we are excited to announce that we are working with several coaches and fully expect to field softball teams in Spring of 2018. To that end, we will be holding several softball workshops this Fall, dates to be determined. They will focus on hitting, pitching and fielding. Once we have finalized the details, we will alert you via email and post on Facebook.

If you are interested in Tee Ball, we will have a Tee Ball division in the Spring

Cost: The cost for all players will be $50.

Coaches: If you would like to be a manager or an assistant coach this season, you will have an opportunity to choose that option on the registration form. If you have any questions about coaching, please let us know.

School Verification Form: If your player goes to a school that is located in the Chaires-Capitola Little League boundaries, you can use the school verification form instead of providing the three forms of address verification every year. You will only need to submit the form once. Simply print the form accessible via this link and take it to your player’s school. Once they complete it, you can load it to the SI registration system and we will have a permanent archive of it.

If you submitted a school verification form or a birth certificate in the past and do not want to have to load it every season, simply state that you have already uploaded the forms in the comments section of the registration forms.

Evaluations: All players are required to sign up for an evaluation time. This is not a tryout. Our coaches will evaluate each play and then a draft will be held to build the teams. Every player will be placed on a team.

Jersey Numbers: During registration, you will be asked to include three number options for your player’s jersey. Please be sure to include that information or we will have to assign your player a number.

Additional Information and Tentative Dates
Registration 8/1 - 8/31
MP Evaluations Monday 9/4, 6:00-8:00
Minors/Majors Evaluations Tuesday 9/5, 6:00-8:30
Practices begin Saturday 9/9
Games start Monday 9/25
Games end Friday October 27

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2017 All-Stars

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The Chaires-Capitola Little League Board of Directors would like to congratulate all of our players and their families on an outstanding spring season. We have wrapped up our in-park tournaments, and we are proud of the way each child developed as a player and teammate.

With the end of the season comes the All-Star selection and tournaments. We were very impressed by the large number and quality of the applicants this year. It made it all the more challenging for the coaches and managers to make their selections. Thank you to everyone who submitted an All-Stars letter of interest, and congratulations to the players listed below. Your managers will be contacting you shortly with information about practice times, games schedules, uniform requirements and other important information.

Machine Pitch All-Stars

Allan Malone - Manager

Beau Beshears

Christopher Copa

Cooper Maxwell

Brigham Sparkman

Everett Boisseau

Thornton ‘Bubba' Davis

Shepherd Platt

Wyatt Cantella

Jarquez Jackson

Knox Powell

Henry Cooksey

Bennett Malone

Robert Sanders

District Machine Pitch Tournament Schedule and Bracket

All Machine Pitch games will be played at Miccosukee Little League. Get directions here.

Game 1 - Monday, June 12 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 2 - Monday, June 12 - 7:00pm - Field 2
Game 3 - Tuesday, June 13 - 7:00pm - Field 2
Game 4 - Tuesday, June 13 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 5 - Wednesday, June 14 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 6 - Thursday, June 15 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 7 (if necessary) - Friday, June 16 - 7:00pm - Field 1

Minors All-Stars

Chad Pursell - Manager

Ethan Bass

Drew Fisher

Enzo Lamantia

Cohen Tigerina

Nash Beshears

Cody Garber

Ryder Luck

Sam Wemm

Noah Chavez

Tripp House

Brodie Pursell

Samuel Clark

Ethan LaFuria

Grayden Ricks

District Minors Tournament Schedule and Bracket

All Minors games will be played at Chaires Little League. Get directions here.

Game 1 - Thursday, June 22 - 7:00pm - Upper Field
Game 2 - Thursday, June 22 - 7:00pm - Lower Field
Game 3 - Friday, June 23 - 7:00pm - Lower Field
Game 4 - Friday, June 23 - 7:00pm - Upper Field
Game 5 - Saturday, June 24 - 10:30am - Upper Field
Game 6 - Sunday, June 25 - 11:00am - Upper Field

Intermediate All-Stars

Eric Shugart - Manager

Jackson Annin

Jacob Gray

Gage Runyan

Robert Steele

Jason Cantella

Andrew Lopez

Riley Runyan

Taylor Sweede

Andrew Fleming

Kade McLeod

Jaxon Shugart

Cole Garber

Joseph McRoy

Walker Sparkman

Majors All-Stars

Kasey Pressley - Manager

Landon Bellomio

Jaden Dazevedo

Aidan Harper

Austen Sarvis

George Bolles

Corbitt Decordova

Andrew Knox

Jordan Seitel

Luke Crawford

Brady Fisher

Rhett Lynch

William Curry

Kalen Griffin

Kaseman Pressley

District Majors Tournament Schedule and Bracket

All Minors games will be played at Canopy Oaks Community Parks, Northwest Leon LL. Get directions here.

Game 1 - Monday, June 26 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 2 - Tuesday, June 27 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 3 - Wednesday, June 28 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 4 - Thursday, June 29 - 7:00pm - Field 1
Game 5 (if necessary) - Friday, June 30 - 7:00pm - Field 1



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End of Season Tournaments

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For planning purposes the end of the season tournaments will go as follows:

Machine Pitch:
First Round (three games)-Monday, May 8 @ 6, Tuesday, May 9 @ 6, Wednesday, May 10th @ 6
Second Round- Thursday, May 11 @ 6, Friday, May 12 @ 6
Final game- Saturday, May 13 @ 10:30

First Round-Monday, May 15 @ 6 (two games) and @ 8 (two games)
Second Round- May 17 @ 6:30 (two games)
Final game- Friday, May 19 @ 6:30

First Round (one game)-Tuesday, May 16 @ 6:30
Second Round (two games)- Thursday, May 18 @ 7:00
Final game- Monday, May 22 @ 6:30

This will be sent out in a better tournament format when all of the teams are seeded at the end of the regular season. We just wanted you to see when your team has the possibility of playing and when you know for sure they will not be playing.

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2017 Dick's Sporting Goods Sportsmanship Awards

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We are pleased to announce that this year we are continuing our tradition of awarding the Dick's Sporting Goods Sportsmanship Awards. Your coaches have been notified that it is time to select a player from their team that best demonstrated the principles of sportsmanship:

Sportsmanship: The ability 1) to win without gloating, 2) to lose without complaining, and 3) to treat officials, teammates, and your opponent with respect.

The league will recognize the sportsmanship award winners from each division at the Majors regualar season tournament championship game. Each winner will receive a medal.

We will take the one name from each team that the Managers provide and draw two names from a hat for Machine Pitch, Majors and Minors. The two winners from each division will receive a a $50 gift certificate for Dick's Sporting Goods.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the award and thanks to Dick's Sporting Goods for thier continued support of out league.

We are in the midst of submissions for the fast-approaching All-Star season! The District has set definite dates and locations. Please review the information below and make sure to get your child's paperwork in by May 12th. Note the deadline for submission has been extended to May 12.

More Information about All-Star Divisions:

Machine Pitch
Eligible to: typically only League Age 7 and 8 year olds
Players Announced and Practice starts: TBD, possibly as early as May 15
Tournament Dates: May begin as early as June 8 but date is TBD, will last several days or more
Tournament Location: TBD, but will take place somewhere in Leon County at one of the local Little League parks
Cost: $50

Eligible to: League Age 8, 9, and 10 year olds
Players Announced and Practice starts: June 1
District Tournament Dates: June 19-June 22; Location: Ft. Braden Little League
Sectional Tournament Dates: July 8-9; Location: Woodville Little League
Possibly more tournaments if win at Sectionals…
Cost: $65

Eligible to: League Age 9, 10, and 11 year olds
Players Announced and Practice starts: June 1
District Tournament Dates: June 19-June 23; Location: Chaires
Sectional Tournament Dates: July 8-9; Location: Woodville Little League
Possibly more tournaments if win at Sectionals…
Cost: $65

Eligible to: League Age 10, 11, and 12 year olds
Players Announced and Practice starts: June 1
District Tournament Dates: June 26-July 1; Location: NorthWest Little League
Sectional Tournament Dates: likely July 8-9 (but may be July 15-16); Location: Woodville Little League
Possibly more tournaments if win at Sectionals…
Cost: $65

How to submit your childs’ name for All-Star consideration:
If your child is at all interested in playing in the All-Stars, please submit a Letter of Intent (see the link below) and the required paperwork. You must fill out everything in detail. If you are concerned about vacation or other plans interfering with All-Stars, go ahead and submit the paperwork, and the Board and/or All-Star managers will determine later if there is an insurmountable conflict.

If you would like your player to be considered for All-Stars this year, please:
Complete the attached letter of interest and commitment. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD LETTER Complete the attached School Enrollment Form. If you completed this form at the beginning of the Spring season, please note that fact when you email your letter of intent. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SCHOOL ENROLLMENT FORM

Once you have completed the letter of intent and school enrollment form, you can go to the TeamWall and register for the All-Star season just like you do for any other one. Toward the end of the process you will have the ability to upload the documents to the secure SI Play site. You will be given the option of paying. DO NOT PAY AT THIS TIME. Simply click the pay by check button to complete your submission. If your child is selected for a team, you will receive a notice to make payment.


If you have any questions, please reply back to this email or contact the league president, Erin Cuzzort, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 322-1532.

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2017 Opening Day

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The Spring 2017 Opening Day is here! Congratulations to all our teams for a great preseason. Now it is time to have some fun. The day's events will kick off at 1:15 on Saturday, February 25. Individual and team photos and TeeBall and Machine Pitch games will be wrapped around our 3:30 opening ceremony. The main event includes a call out of teams onto the field, singing of the national anthem and a ceremonial first pitch. The concession stand will open at 1:30 and will be serving hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hot dogs. We have also added fresh popped popcorn to our menu this season.

We still have a couple slots availbale if you are able to volunteer at the concession stand. Just click this link to sign up.


Minors Pictures - Braves


TeeBall Pictures - Braves, Giants, Cubs


Concession Stand Opens


TeeBall Pictures - Rangers, Mariners, Rockies


TeeBall Games - Braves vs Giants Upper Field


Majors Pictures - Marlins


Machine Pitch Pictures - Royals, Giants


TeeBall Games - Cubs vs Rangers Lower Field - Mariners vs Rockies Dreams Field


Machine Pitch Pictures - Braves, Tigers, Rays


Machine Pitch Pictures - Blue Jays, Red Sox


Teams begin lining up


Opening ceremonies-honor guard, national anthem, first pitch


Minors Pictures - Reds, Cubs, Orioles, Rays


Machine Pitch Games - Giants vs Royals Upper Field - Rays vs Tigers Lower Field - Jays vs Red Sox Dreams Field


Minors Pictures - Diamondbacks, Giants, Red Sox


Majors Pictures - Nationals, Rays, Red Sox, Yankees


Concession Stand Closes

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2016 10-11 All Stars

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Congratulations to the 2016 11-12 All-Stars.

Bentley, Blair Hagan, Dakota O'Donnell, Gordon Wemm, Jack
Beshears, Jeb Knox, Andrew Roberts, Kerrick Williams, Anthony
Brooks, Brody Meyer, Ryan Shugart, Parker W  
Glantz, Dylan Mozolic, Austin Smith, Michael  
Tournament Schedule

Event Date

Event Details


Game 1


June 28, 2016 

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Northwest Leon

@ Chaires-Capitola 11-12 All-Stars (11-12 All-Stars)

Ft. Braden Community Park 

Ft. Braden Upper Field

Game 2


June 29, 2016 

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Chaires-Capitola 11-12 All-Stars

@ Ft. Braden

Ft. Braden Community Park 

Ft. Braden Upper Field

Game 3


June 30, 2016 

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Northwest Leon

@ Chaires-Capitola 11-12 All-Stars

Ft. Braden Community Park 

Ft. Braden Upper Field

Game 4


July 1, 2016 

6:30pm to 8:30pm

Ft. Braden

@ Chaires-Capitola 11-12 All-Stars

Ft. Braden Community Park 

Ft. Braden Upper Field

Game 5 (If Necessary)


July 2, 2016 

10:00am to Noon

Chaires-Capitola 11-12 All-Stars

@ Ft. Braden

Ft. Braden Community Park 

Ft. Braden Upper Field

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2016 Spring Evaluations

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We wanted to give you an update on our progress with the 2016 Spring Season. This year we will have 3 Machine Pitch teams and 6 Baseball Division teams, which is a combined Majors and Minors Division.

We have selected the 2016 SPring Coaches and they are as follows:


  • Taylor Beech
  • Jeff Cornish
  • Kevin Corradi
  • Mike Glantz
  • John Wiley
  • Jason Zaborske

Machine Pitch

  • Russ Clark
  • Ross Decker
  • Bill Garber
  • Elkahn Gray
  • Allan Malone
  • Joey Matthews

Minor Baseball

  • Anthony Allbaugh
  • Peter Fisher
  • David Gregg
  • Daniel Jeffers
  • C. Mantzanas
  • Chad Pursell
  • Billy Strickland
  • Keith Wemm

Major Baseball

  • John Bentley
  • Mike Glantz
  • Danny O’Donnell
  • Eric Shugart

If you requested to manage a team this Spring, you will still have an opportunity to be an assistant coach once the draft is done and your child has been placed on a team. Please let your Manager know when they contact you after the draft.

Machine Pitch evaluations will take place on January 23 from 9am-Noon. Minor and Major Baseball divisions will take place January 23 from 1pm-5pm. Please arrive early so we can start on time.

Players should come to evaluations with their glove and cleats. They should also bring a bat if they have one. When players arrive for their assigned evaluation time, they will be given a number to put on their shirts. That number will correspond to the number on the player list.

Each player will be evaluated on their ability to:

  • Catch fly balls and throw to second base - 5 fly balls
  • Field grounders in the infield and throw to first base - 5 ground balls
  • Hit - 5 pitches

Each coach will evaluate players and prepare their selections for the draft. 

The draft will run as follows:

  • Coaches will draw a draft order from a hat and the draft will be conducted in a snake format.
  • Each Manager will automatically have his own child placed on their team. They will then proceed to pick players until all players who evaluated are chosen. 
  • If a Manager has more than one child or has selected one Assistant Coach, those children will be assigned to the team in leu of the Manager's third, forth, etc. picks. 
  • Names of all players who did not attend the draft will be separated by age and placed in a hat.  The Managers will pull a name out of the hat until all non-evaluated players are placed on a team.

The draft will take place on January 27 at the Chaires Community Center and teams will be announced that night via email and the website.

Practices will begin on February 1. Opening day will be February 27.