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Monday, 26 September 2022 18:21

August 11, 2022 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: August 11, 2022
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM
Meeting Location: Zoom Meeting



I.                 Call to Order

II.                Roll Call – Determine if quorum present—Therese, Ben, Cali, Jennifer, Kathy, Rob

III.              President’s Report (Rob)

a.      All-Stars Recap—We had 3 teams go to States 8-10, 9-11 and 10-12

b.      SportsConnect—We are getting to know the new system and we are looking into the best way for coaches to communicate with their teams.  SportsConnect does not have an app.

c.      Fall numbers (as of 8/11 @12:15pm)



Tee Ball


Machine Pitch










d.      Schedule



August 1st

Fall Season Registration Opens

August 19th

Fall Season Registration Closes

August 20th

Machine Pitch Evaluations (11:00)

August 21st

Minors & Majors Evaluations (12:00)

August 24th

Fall 2022 Draft @ SW Golf Course

August 29th

Practice Start

September 12th

Games Start

November 4th

Games End

e.      Bathrooms Remodel—We replaced the lights so far…renovations will continue into November

f.       Batting Cages Update—We have obtained the proper permits for the batting cages.  We are waiting of quotes to proceed.

IV.              Treasurer Report (Elizabeth)—not in attendance

V.               Vice President’s Report (Therese)

a.      Scoreboard & Pitch Count—Home team is responsible for the scoreboard and Away team does the pitch count.  We can only use GameChanger if all managers have access to the pitch count.  We will continue using paper pitch counts

b.      Concessions (teen volunteers)—No volunteers under 12 without a parent present.  Do we need to have a waiver or permission for teen volunteers? This will be discussed further at a later date.

c.      Evaluations – Email will go out to parents asking for help

VI.              Annual Meeting

a.      September 25, 2022; 8:00 - Virtual

b.      2022 – 2023 Board Members –3 new members so far

VII.            Next Meeting (TBD)—may be combined with annual meeting.

VIII.           Adjourn


Wednesday, 20 April 2022 12:42

March 23, 2022 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: March 23, 2022

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: Virtual  


I.                 Call to Order7:04


II.                Roll Call – Determine if quorum present—quorum not Present at time of start Russel, Therese, Robert, Jen, Kathy, Mike joined at 7:10 we now have a quorum


III.              Approve minutes from previous meeting (Jen):  Motion by Therese;  second by Kathy; Minutes from February approved.


IV.              President’s Report (Rob)

a.      Shed – Stairs / Ramp Installed and organized.  There’s no step up into the shed, so we need someone to build steps or a ramp up into the shed.

b.      Batting Cages—Heath is helping us get this project completed.  Soil samples were completed last week. Hopefully we can move forward with the pole barn.

c.      Tallahassee Seminole Club Service Day 3/27. We sent a list to them looking for some help with some general maintenance requests

d.      Player Sportsmanship – a reminder email was to all coaches and managers about player sportsmanship and the expectation of all CCLL players.

e.      Mobile Pitch Count Form—link will be sent. Some teams aren’t using the appropriate form so we are looking into making a mobile form that everyone can submit.

f.       Sportsmanship Awards – we have DICK’s Sporting Goods Bonus Certificates that we can utilize for the sportsmanship award.  We can also use some of the Gift Cards to encourage volunteers to sign up for concessions.

V.               VP/Safety Report (Therese)—no safety update

a.      Gear Sale Fundraiser – was a big success.  We would like to add something fun for the league with it.  Some ideas are: a snow cone machine, or gear for the umpires or storage on the fields for the chalkers

b.      We have one umpire that is a field umpire, and he helps the league out significantly.  Mike made a motion to provide a small stipend for each game umpired. Second Kathy all in favor- 6 no-0.


VI.              Treasurer Report (Elizabeth)—not in attendance


VII.            Concession Stand—Russel needs to step back secondary to a promotion at work.  He will be away for the next month. Kathy and Cali will take over for that period of time.  He is hopeful that he will be able to come back full time after a period of time. 


VIII.           Mid-Season All Star Meeting We have only played every team 1-2 times.  This is a form for the coaches letting them know who to watch out for regarding the all-star teams. We are still waiting for tentative dates for districts, sectionals dates and places and states dates and places. D20 might be hosting one of the sectionals for one of the age groups. 

a.      Week of April 4th  (meeting will be moved to the last week(s) in April)

b.      Players to Watch, etc.   This will be discussed at the April meeting


IX.              Next Meeting (April 20, 2022 @ 7 pm)


X.                Adjourn

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 18:47

February 24, 2022 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: February 24, 2022

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: Zoom meeting 


I.                 Call to Order 7:02


II.                Roll Call – Determine if quorum present Rob Vos, Jimmy Miller, Therese Kemper, Jen Cremin, Elizabeth Garber, Kathy Hedrick, Mike Glantz, Russel Bruce


III.              Approve minutes from previous meeting Jimmy motion, mike second minutes approves


IV.              President’s Report

a.      Schedules – No Games Spring Break   All schedules are published. Practices can be held but the coaches need to let us know so we can inform the county.  Miccosukee Tball team is up and running.  We are giving them 8 games in the form of double headers with our tball teams.  Micc is extremely grateful for everything CCLL has done for them and appreciates the Board’s assistance with registration, jerseys, etc.

b.      Interleague:  Our list of interleague games was sent out.  The other leagues spoke with Gary Gentry and informed him of their dissatisfaction with the number of games we scheduled to played them on top of the large number of games we play at CCLL already.  They are no longer interested in playing Chaires interleague.

c.      Uniforms:  All jerseys are in.  we are supposed to receive 6 teams worth of hats tomorrow.  Uniforms will be waiting in the concession stand Saturday morning for pick up by coaches.

d.      Opening Day Activities:  The schedule is published. We are all set with everything except for the fact that we need people to present the colors.  Johnny Papuchas will throw out the first pitch. Sugar fix snow cones will be there. 

e.      All-Stars mid-season meeting will be held.  Date TBA

f.       Batting Cages: n/a

g.      L-Screen: The new L screen is now here.

h.      Batter’s Box Templates are on backorder.

i.       New Shed: Amanda indicated that we are getting a new shed.  It will be aluminum without windows.  We will need help to clean out and remove the old shed when the new shed arrives.

j.       T-Mobile Fan Cam: The cost is Zero to the league.  They provide all networking and communications devices.  It is one camera behind home plate.  We are unsure about sound.  It will be on the upper field.  They make money by selling additional units and the parents can get a subscription.  The camera is only on during the games.  They activate the camera remotely We would need to obtain consent from the parents. We are working on the logistics of how to obtain consent.

k.      Sponsors:  it’s too late to be a team sponsor. Only banner sponsors from here on out.


V.               Treasurer Report (Elizabeth):  After all registration fees and sponsorship fees accounted. There are more expenses coming up. We also need to account for the Umpire fees.  However, the concession stand will yield a larger profit than last year.


VI.              VP Report

a.      Gear Sale: we earned $580.50.  We have a ton of stuff left to sell.  Everyone liked the idea .   we will put the leftover stuff out on opening day and potentially sell any leftover gear to Play-it-again-sports.


VII.            Other Items

a.      Field Reimbursement Grant (Russel):  most of the work is already done.  We can rewrite the grant proposal to try to improve the dreams field.


VIII.           Next Meeting (March 23, 2022 @ 7 pm)


IX.              Adjourn

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 18:40

January 20, 2022 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: January 20, 2022

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: Zoom meeting -


I.                 Call to Order 7:02PM


II.                Roll Call – quorum present Therese Kemper, Jen Cremin, Rob Vos, Jimmy Miller, Kathy Hedrick, Ben Faulk, Cali Stringer, Russel Bruce, Scott LaFuria


III.              Approve minutes from previous meeting:  Approved


IV.              President’s Report

a.      D20 Presidents Meeting Update (notes previously sent). Miccosukee is looking to restart their league.  They will only have 1 TBall team this spring.  They are willing to come to Chaires for games.  We are willing to travel to Miccosukee, as well.  Because Miccosukee is restarting their league, there was no further discussion the league boundary changes that were previously brought up.

No update from the County regarding Covid.

The 60/90 field will be ready for play this May.

There is a meeting next month to discuss interleague scheduling.

Usually, LL has patches on the sleeves of the jerseys.  We are requesting from Gary that we do not need to have the patches.  We usually do not have the patches.

Sectionals will be held in Tallahassee this year. 

The dates for District 20 games are June 17 or 18. The July dates have not been set yet, they could be held on July 2,9 or 16.

b.      Batting Cages Update:  Plans have been submitted and should be approved within the next couple of weeks. 

c.      Teams and Managers:  We have more players than last year at this time.  Currently we have 67 Majors (with 4 additional people who want to sign up late).  This will put us up to 71 players.  There will be a few that need to play down.  Currently we have 5 Managers.  Kathy volunteered to be the 6th Manager. 

d.      Late Registrations:  There have been quite a few additional registrations.  We are working to keep the teams and divisions even.  No registrations will be accepted after the draft.

e.      Hats and Jerseys:  In the past we have had 20 teams and 20 different hats. This leaves the league with many random hats leftover and no one wants to buy them.   This year we are trying to streamline the amount of hats we have, we are going to pick one hat per “franchise” team.  In essence, all of  the Yankees teams will have the same hat.  All of the Braves teams will have the same hat.

f.       Evaluations: Reminders are being sent out this week

g.      Draft – Wednesday 1/26; 6:00 Southwood Clubhouse.  Team equipment will be distributed at the draft.

h.      Concession Stand:  We will be buying a smaller grill to be used on slower nights.

i.       Opening Day: February 26th.  We are working on a schedule.  We need to book a small group to sing the National Anthem.  We need someone to throw the first pitch. 

j.       Interleague:  We will be playing games with three 3 other leagues in town.  Schedule is TBD.  There will be discussion at the next presidents meeting.

k.      Sponsors: Rob will coordinate with Jimmy.  Jimmy will provide the spreadsheets to Rob


V.               VP Report

a.      Gear Fundraiser Status; We are sending out emails and posting of FB.  We are collecting used equipment to be sold at a later date for fundraising for CLL.  Collection will be Saturday 2/5 and the sale will be Sunday 2/13.


VI.              Equipment Manager Report

a.      Status of equipment, distribution, etc. All of the equipment had been organized and is ready for distribution.

b.      Wants/Needs for upcoming season We need a few T-ball bags and some new buckets and practice balls.


VII.            Treasurer Report: no new report


VIII.           Next Meeting (February 23, 2022 @ 7 pm)


IX.              Adjourn

Wednesday, 13 April 2022 18:35

December 16, 2021 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: December 16, 2021

Meeting Time: 6:30 PM

Meeting Location: Zoom meeting -


I.                 Call to Order


II.                Roll Call – Determine if quorum present: Rob Vos, Mike Glantz, Jen Cremin, Therese Kemper, Ben Faulk, Cali Stringer, Russell Bruce; quorum present after 17 minutes


III.              Approve minutes from previous meeting: Approved


IV.              President’s Report

a.      Gary Gentry email about changing the Chaires LL boundary

                                                   i.     Request to add Miccosukee to Chaires and move Southwood area to Woodville League

                                                 ii.     There have been many conversations about this over the years

                                                iii.     Provided background on how Chaires has grown the league in a draft response to Gary; in addition, many board members and dozens of players come from the area that was proposed in the move

                                                iv.     We would be happy to talk with Woodville about how we have succeeded in increasing participation

b.      All-Star Signs

                                                   i.     Signs are in; consider rearranging current signs to make room for most recent signs

                                                 ii.     Want to have new signs hung before opening day

c.      Upper & Lower Fields

                                                   i.     Upper field has been regraded, has new clay, base paths widened

                                                 ii.     Lower field improvements are underway

                                                iii.     Need to consider and plan improvements to Dreams Field

1.      Former board member offered to help

2.      Need a Board member to take charge and organize a plan

d.      60/90 Field

                                                   i.     Will not be ready for Spring, but it’s coming along and looks great

e.      Batting Cages

                                                   i.     Coming along

f.       Spring 2022 Season

                                                   i.     Registration: opened December 13; boosted post on Facebook; considering placing yard signs to advertise; Mike G will donate yard sign holders if needed

                                                 ii.     Softball

1.      Awaiting a response from Gary about how this would interface with city; meeting with Gary and TFP to determine how to make some district teams rather than a league due to likelihood of only fielding a few teams.

2.      Would like to open softball registration soon

3.      TFP has one field at Tom Brown; Could play on the lower field because the pitch would be in front of the mound, possibly

4.      If do district rather than league specific, can utilize fields around town, but concerns about families not wanting to drive across town

5.      Also need to be sure there’s enough players per age group

                                                iii.     Concession Stand

1.      Rob trained Russell on everything; Kathy will help.

2.      Discussed more detailed instructions for concession stand grilling

3.      Question about selling items at Miccosukee; consider whether this is an option

4.      Waiting to hear back about request to county to use storage behind concession stand so we don’t have to purchase a new shed

                                                iv.     Shed at Miccosukee

1.      Has chalk and rake

2.      Is dirty, if anyone wants to volunteer to clean it out…Ben and Mike will help

                                                 v.     Sponsors

1.      Ideas for new sponsors?

2.      Sponsorships have decreased in the past few years

3.      A board member has reached out to potential new sponsors with a favorable response; Rob will reach out to them

4.      Rob will send out sponsorship packet to Board members for sharing with potential sponsors


V.               Treasurer Report

a.      No large expenditures at this point

b.      Cancelled order with All Star rings because were not being delivered; Rob will reorder and will deliver to the players; consider a group delivery to make it a celebration!


VI.              Safety Report

a.      Implications for Spring 2022 Season; no changes needed right now

VII.            Rob made FAQ page on website

VIII.           Fundraiser

a.      Proposal to have a gear sale from items donated by Chaires families; Therese will send email to families with preliminary information; Therese and Jen will plan and organize

IX.              Bryan Henry/David Ross camp: information shared with Chaires families; Henry and Ross appreciate the support

X.                Next Meeting (January 20, 2021 @ 7 pm)


XI.              Adjourn


Wednesday, 13 April 2022 18:27

November 18, 2021 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Date: November 18, 2021

Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

Meeting Location: Zoom meeting:


I.                 Call to Order


II.                Roll Call – Determine if quorum present: Rob Vos, Kathy Hedrick, Therese Kemper, Ben Faulk, Russell Bruce, Mike Glantz; quorum present


III.              Approve minutes from previous meeting: October minutes approved


IV.              President’s Report

a.      CPA/Taxes Update

                                                   i.     Another CPA has been identified to help with taxes.

b.      Updates

                                                   i.     Batting Cages

1.      Dirt was added to batters’ boxes in the cages by the county

2.      A board member is working with Amanda Heidecker to have forms signed for permit; then we can go ahead with plans for pole barn over cages

                                                 ii.     Fields

1.      Fields will be regraded and new clay added

a.      need to check that pitchers’ mounds are correct height and properly sloped

2.      Former board member willing to help with improvements to Dreams Field if clay and dirt are provided

3.      Consider Chaires work day to have families help with field improvements

                                                iii.     Shed

1.      Requested a new shed for the field, discussed with Amanda Highdecker; board is considering requesting individual sheds for each field, under the press boxes, to store chalk and other materials.  

2.      If there is unused closet space behind the concession stand, considerations will be made to asking the county to use it

                                                iv.     Concrete Coating

                                                 v.     New Fencing

1.      County will replace the wood fencing facing parking lots

                                                vi.     Additional Grill for Spring

1.      Recommendation to purchase a smaller grill than the one we have

2.      New large grill was moved into the concession stand for off season to protect it from the elements

                                               vii.     Updated LL Constitution

1.      Changes made to Constitution to include a Coaching Coordinator to league board roles

                                             viii.     Charitable Organization License Renewal

1.      Completed through Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

c.      Softball

                                                   i.     Approached by Tallahassee Fast Pitch Softball League

1.      They are interested in coming under the umbrella of Chaires

2.      Discussion regarding gauging interest of Chaires members and the community

3.      Process of incorporating them under Chaires Little League is uncertain and requires research

4.      Chaires previously had a softball league, however lack of coaches was a problem; it is possible that TFP has coaches

V.               Treasurer Report

a.      Will be sent to Board later

b.      Some large expenditures coming up, including Charter, Little League Insurance, Sports Sign Up Play renewal/migration to a new system


VI.              Safety Report

a.      Some players quarantined due to COVID this Fall

                                                   i.     Some games cancelled due to this

                                                 ii.     Did not appear to be spread within teams based on information provided to the league


VII.            Spring 2021 Schedule

a.      President shared spreadsheet of schedule; Board members will review

b.      Need to plan opening day

c.      Plan was to stay with Elite for uniforms and hats;

d.      The seniors’ field is coming along with hopes it will be ready for a season by spring

e.      Registration opens December 13, 2021 for spring

                                                   i.     Will likely do away with in person payment

                                                 ii.     Online payment or Venmo to avoid difficulties collecting payment


VIII.           Next Meeting (December 15, 2021 @ 7 pm)


IX.              Adjourn

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October 28, 2020 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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September 30, 2020 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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July 22, 2020 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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February 19, 2020 CCLL Meeting Minutes

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