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Rain Delays/Cancellation
There are a couple of ways that games and practices are canceled or delayed. The County surveys the fields every day at around 2:00 PM. If there is a lot of water of the fields due to rain, the County will notify the park President that the park is closed. If the fields are borderline, the County will leave it up to us to make the decision about the parks. It is our policy to play games if at all possible. Until you receive an email notifying games or practices are canceled, please assume games are on. If games are canceled, we will work with the managers to reschedule the games.

Getting umpires is one of the toughest parts of organizing a season. In the past we have done pretty well and when we have not had umpires, coaches have always stepped in to help.

We will do our best to to get umpires at every game but there will undoubtedly be some where we cannot get one. We would like to layout this policy for the times we will not.

The defensive teams manager or coach will ump from behind the mound with the caveat that he or she may not speak to or coach the pitcher while behind the mound as this would provide an unfair advantage. Instead, a coach or manager would be required to follow the typical procedure - call for time, when time is granted enter the field of play and consult with the pitcher, et al, one visit per inning, etc.

When there is an ump shortage, preference will be given the majors games over minors games.

Field Maintenance

  • There are rakes in the shed that can be used to rake the fields. Please return them to the shed when you are done with them.
  • If the fields are wet when you arrive at the park, please use discretion. If the surface of the dirt area is soft, please do not use the fields. If you feel as though the fields are playable with a little work, DO NOT PUSH WATER INTO THE GRASS. If that is the only way to start play, cancel the event and reschedule.
  • The lights are controlled remotely. You cannot turn them on at the park. If lights go out, contact the park President via text at 850-545-4508. Once the lights go out, it can take up to 15 minutes for them to power back on.
  • Please do not attempt to turn off the sprinklers. They are on times and are not scheduled to run during our game and practice time. If they come on during your practice, please contact the park President and we will coordinate with the County.

Pitching Machines
Machine Pitch pitching machines are located in the equipment shed. We will be calibrating them so that they are set at 38-44 mph. The machines are to be placed 46 feet from home plate. This information is included in the local league rules.

Home and Away Team Responsibilities

Local League Rules - Please take a couple minutes to review the local league rules. We will also make them available to the umpires.

Safety Report - Please take a couple minutes to familiarize yourself with the safety report. It has good information about first aid and general organization procedures.

Player Reps
Your division’s Player Rep is your first point of contact for any questions or concerns you have throughout the course of the season. They will also coordinate the player pool.

Player Pool

Game Protests
Games protests are handled the following way. If you believe a call has been made that rises to the level of a protest the first thing you should do is take a deep breath. Then you must notify the umpire that you are filing an official protest and then continue with the game. After the game, the umpire will contact the Umpire Chief who will then contact both managers that participated in the game. The Umpire Chief will then contact the League President. The League President will then form a committee of 4 board members that will hear the protest and make a determination of what will be done. The League President will then notify the managers of the judgment.

Important Numbers
Keith Wemm, Park President 850-545-4508
Adam Moore, Majors Player Rep 561-602-5522
Chad Pursell, Minors Player Rep 850-510-0645
Craig Spickard, Machine Pitch Plater Rep 850-583-0719
Bill Connell, TeeBall Player Rep 850-264-6949

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